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Rant mode: Getting annoyed with these posts asking “Could Daryl Dixon be gay?” Like it’s impossible that “senior alpha male with a crossbow and a Harley” could very well be gay. Sexual orientation doesn’t have a face. Yes, he could be gay, or bisexual, or transgender. He could be a lot of things. JUST like a lot of people you know could be gay, bi, or trans, but they won’t tell you cause you’re too distracted with your gay-witch-hunt. You are not defined by how you dress, or how you talk, or walk. Yes, macho man COULD be gay. And yes, Mr. Metro could be straight. For Christ’s sake, ROBIN WILLIAMS JUST DIED OF DEPRESSION, but would you know he was depressed? Did you know some of your best friends are depressed? You wouldn’t because depression is another thing that’s witch hunted. “You’re depressed? Well, just feel better. Go have a laugh or something.” is the equivalent to “You’re lesbian? Well, just be straight. Go fuck a dude or something.” These things are personality traits; they are not attributes that are worn on our sleeve. The world needs to stop trying to define others when a lot of the time, they don’t even know themselves.

…We’re done touring for the foreseeable future. Even at nighttime, I’m just so itchy to be creative again, and it’s very hard to do on the road. I can definitely feel that. Even being home for a couple weeks, I just feel insane, like I want to think about other music and start to dream again. By Win Butler, lead singer of Arcade Fire

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You don’t wanna wake up, do you?

Under the Skin (2013) [x]

This film was momentous. The music was fantastic yet eerie, Scarlett was beautiful yet sinister, and the imagery was poignant yet menacing. It’s a film that needs digestion, You’ll regret seeing it as soon as you leave the theater, but after a few hours of it sitting in your brain like a revealed secret, every scene will soon be remembered with a strong sense of appreciation.

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Best show ever